About unsung

Unsung Salvage Design and Unsung Ink are members of the Unsung Family. We create unique pieces of decor using mostly reclaimed materials. We also specialize in screen printing and graphic design. Each item is handcrafted by our family of designers and artists. 

At Unsung we bring new life to forgotten objects and spaces through creative design.

Unsung Salvage Design specializes in making custom decor with examples such as art pieces, functional pieces of furniture, light fixtures, and accent pieces. Most of the supplies that we use are repurposed. We can take an item that has been previously used and give it a new purpose or make it functional again. We have designed black iron lighting, barn wood tables, skid walls, couches, beds, custom wood frames, and more. All our designs are original creations.

Unsung Ink is the other branch to our business. We specialize in graphic design and Screen Printing. Each item is custom made, and we have several packages that we market to clients. We create custom logos that can be used for business cards, web design and other promotional materials. We also create custom tee-shirt designs for schools, churches, sports teams and any number of organizations. How are we different: we have graphic designers who can create a design for your shirt that is more than just a series of clip art variations so your shirts can be completely unique.

If you are looking to create a piece of furniture with us or you have screen printing needs please contact us to schedule an appt. So we can get started on helping you through the process. If you are out of the area and want a chance at your own exciting items don't worry! We can do e-mail based consults for you, or you can send us a message on Facebook.

We are located at 212 Main Street in Hamilton Ohio 45013. This is home to our workshop, screen printing studio, and also our retail shop. In our store we are able to feature some of our original pieces of decor other handcrafted and handpicked items…. we like to keep it weird and unique in our store, so you never know what you’ll find! We also have our one of a kind Live Print T-Shirt Bar: choose a shirt from a variety of styles and colors and any of our 70+ 1-color designs and we print it for you in a matter of minutes! We also have a good selection of pre-printed multi-color prints available! We try to keep thing fresh and we add new items and new t-shirt designs all the time, so come and say hi!